Editing and Proofreading Services

When we talk about academic writing, researching your points and putting them together in a piece of paper is one thing and writing a convincing paper is another thing. How do you make sure that your arguments are well plotted, and you have followed all the standards and conventions of your field of study? Luckily our academic paper editors team is here to solve your problems and enable you to submit your paper with confidence. Our college essay writing services can help you to express your ideas and concepts vividly while at the same time respecting the rules of academic writing. If you also need editing, our editing and proofreading services are available for you.

We can meet all your proofreading demands and edit all your academic papers including;

  • essays

    Editing and Proof reading Services
    Editing and Proof reading Services
  • papers
  • PhD Dissertations
  • Theses
  • Journal articles
  • Conference papers
  • Internship reports
  • University cover letters
  • CVs
  • Scholarly manuscripts
  • personal statements

With our expertise and experience in offering  proofreading and editing services, you can hand in your document with confidence and wait for quality results. We strive to keep the entire review process confidential and with little or no hassle. Our academic editors utilize everything within their means to ensure that, your paper has no grammar or format mistakes and that your language is correct.  Also, we ensure that your article is consistent and is in line with the academic style.

Our team of professional editors

They undergo a comprehensive training program for academic editing and proofreading. Besides, they possess the following qualities;

  • Academic writing experts
  • University graduates
  • knowledgeable in multiple areas of study

What do our editors and proofreaders do?

After selecting our proofreading and editing services, our editors read between the lines correct all possible mistakes, and at the end, they provide you with in-text feedback by the use of the Word track changes and comments.  In addition, the editor will give you the necessary advice to make you a better academic writer. In our services, we do the following


We edit to remove all the typos, hyphenation errors, poor punctuation, spelling mistakes and any other simple mistake in your paper.

Grammar and syntax

We correct word order, prepositions, articles, verb agreement, tenses, sentence structure and many more.


We look at and correctly punctuate your essay to bring out the intended meaning. We check for; commas, semicolons, dashes, periods, quotation marks to ensure they are correctly placed within your sentences.

Style and tone

We check for and eliminate; the overuse of passive voice, inflated and redundant phrases, tautology, subjective language and taboo words.

Academic writing conventions and consistency

We correct; acronyms, equations and Latin abbreviations, numbers and other general abbreviations. We also ensure compatibility in style choices and English dialect


When the meaning in a sentence or paragraph is not clear, and you have to make style or content related choices, we leave queries  to offer you the opportunity to make the necessary changes.

In-text editing and proofreading tips and suggestions

Our editors give comments that explain grammatical rules, offer suggestions for improvement and provide general advice on grammar that will help you to recognize and correct your most common mistakes.

Once we receive your editing and proofreading services order, we conduct both proofreading and editing to refine your essay. However, if you lime more comprehensive editing service, you can select additional services for your paper. For instance, if you had ordered a line check editing and you want your paper to be more refined, you can combine with clarity check or structure check. We will give you a highly polished paper and make it easy for you to customize the feedback we provide you.

Additional Editing and proofreading services

Structure check and improvement

Our primary objective is to ensure that our students hand in most refined papers with zero mistakes. Our experienced editors will help you to improve the structure of your paper through the following;

  • Checking that every chapter contain the right information
  • Identify any cases of repetition and redundancy
  • Make direct improvements to your headings and tiles
  • make sure that every individual chapter and section support the central theme of the paper
  • Comment on your chapter, sections and paragraph organization

Clarify check

When you select this editing and proofreading services, we make sure your essay is presented in a clear and more logical format. The feedback here will be directed towards the presentation of concepts and explaining the logic behind your arguments. The editor will;

  • Make comments about the logic behind your argumentation
  • Ensure you have clearly presented thoughts and ideas
  • Ensure your text gives a clear and logical story
  • Point out any contradictions within your document.

General layout check

The editor will;

  • Insert page numbers
  • generate an automatic table of contents
  • Generate lists of figures and tables automatically
  • Ensure your paragraphs are consistently formatted

References check

The editors improve your in-text citations and reference list because they are experts on various referencing styles. The specialist will do the following;

  • Improve the overall layout of our reference list
  • Make sure your reference list meets the style guide requirements
  • Give feedback on incomplete reference list entries.
  • Crosscheck reference list against the in-text citations to highlight any inconsistencies or missing sources.

You only need to upload your document and indicate the number of references in your list and specify the reference style. We will take care of the rest.