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At Mapledene & Queensbridge Children’s Centre we strive to provide a safe, happy and welcoming centre of excellence. With opportunities for all, where good communication, shared purpose and responsibility and effective use of resources, contribute to the happy development of confident, motivated and respectful life-long…

At Mapledene & Queensbridge Children’s Centre we strive to provide a safe, happy and welcoming centre of excellence. With opportunities for all, where good communication, shared purpose and responsibility and effective use of resources, contribute to the happy development of confident, motivated and respectful life-long learners We hope to provide a positive first start of learning experiences in a loving, caring and nurturing environment

  • We work with parent/carers and the local community so that together we can build children’s confidence and self esteem
  • We aim to stimulate developmental learning in a calm, consistent and purposeful atmosphere and also have fun!
  • We encourage a healthy attitude towards life and learning
  • We build on our experiences and support each other in achieving our potential both emotionally and physically, showing mutual respect for each other, sharing a sense of belonging
  • A welcoming service which supports the local community

Each month you will be able to view Mapledene’s Newsletter. Please take the time to read them to keep up to date on your children’s achievements. We are very happy if you would like to share them with other parents/carers

March Newsletter 2020

February Newsletter 2020

Curriculum Overall Theme:  “Personal, Social & Emotional Development”:

Please see link below for the topics for each term from September 2019 to August 2020

Overall Theme 19-20

Extended Day!
Calling all Mapledene users … Look out for dates coming up …

*Functional skills in English

*Functional skills in Maths

*Information, Advice & Guidance Drop-in (every 2nd Thursday of the month)

*Book Start Corner

*Mums-To-Be session (collect your free pack)

*Stay and Play every day (see programme below)

*Accident & Prevention (free assessment for free resources)

January – April Programme – Extended Services is closed at the moment we will update you all when it re-opens

Cluster Volunteer Programme
We have an exciting programme continuing- our Cluster Volunteer Programme.  Are you interested? See Miza at Mapledene or Tracy, Sarah, at Queensbridge for more details. Volunteers need two references and a clean DBS (police check). You will need to commit to a minimal amount of 3 months but you can do whatever days/ hours you wish as long as it works within each establishment. Please come along to our volunteers drop-in each 1st and 4th Wednesday of each month for more information


At Mapledene we always aim to provide healthy and nutritional food to our children, being especially aware of the amount of sugar and salt added or contained within the food we serve. Mapledene has been awarded an ‘Eat Better, Start Better’ certificate by the Children’s Food Trust for our achievements in promoting healthier food in nurseries. Our commitment is going to be of a real benefit to Hackney’s children and families. Please see our menu’s below and also why not take one of our Cook’s Sylvia’s recipes at home and let us know how you liked the dish offered to the children.

Menu 1 19 Menu 2 19 Menu 3 19 Menu 4 19

Eat Better, Start Better Award

Sylvia’s receipes




General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Privacy Notice

Parents Forum

Parent’s forums are designed for parents to meet, it gives parents a voice and enables them to contribute to Mapledene’s decision making. It also helps develop a partnership between parents and the setting. We welcome all our parents to join the forum and share their ideas.

Minutes February 2020

Fun Activities to Try at Home

Centre closure activities you can do with your children at home. Select a few activities with your children to complete for the day, you can match them to your child’s room routine.

Apples routine    Palms Routine   Maples routine

Answers Balloon-Themed Pencil Control Activity Sheets Bunny Hop Pencil Control Worksheets Cardboard Tube Rocket Craft Instructions Checklist General Sound Discrimination – Body Percussion EYFS Home Learning Challenge Five Senses Scavenger Hunt Activity Sheet Farm Themed Cutting Skills Activity Sheets EYFS School Closure Challenge Cards EYFS Counting and Ordering Numbers to 20 Home Learning Challenges CVC Word Activity Booklet Comparing Numbers to 10 Transport-Themed Activity General Sound Discrimination Environmental Sounds Home Challenge I Spy Ideas for Learning Incy Wincy Spider Prop Craft Instructions Jack and the Beanstalk Small World Characters Magic Wand Fruit Kebabs Recipe Make an Emoji Face Cutting Skills Activity Park Hunt Checklist Paper Plate Pet Craft Activity Paper Bowl Ladybird Craft Instructions Nursery Foundation Stage 1 Visual Timetable Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt Minibeasts Colour By Number Activity Sheets Minibeast Photo Word Cards Phase 2 Phonics Rhyming String Cards Phonics Phase 2 Home Learning Challenges Phonics Phase 3 Home Learning Challenges Pizza Shape Colouring Activity Preschool Phonics Phase 1.1 Environmental Sounds Guide for Parents Reach for the Moon Behaviour Chart Parent and Carer Information Sheet SATPIN Read and Race Game Stop Telling Fibs Stick Puppets Stop Telling Fibs Rhyming Words Sorting Activity Stop Telling Fibs Repeating Patterns-peg-cards-activity Stop Telling Fibs Colouring Pages Space Star Biscuits Recipe Six Steps To Washing Your Hands Posters Shape Chick 2D Shape Activity Sheets Stop Telling Fibs What Happened Next Writing Activity Tablespoon Biscuit Recipe The Gingerbread Man Pattern Tracing Toys Home Learning Challenge Activity Sheet Cards Ladybird Chilli Challenges Minibeast Hotel Posters Baskets Instructions and Counters Game Board Park Hunt Checklist Magic Wand Fruit Kebabs Recipe Reach for the Moon Behaviour Chart Parent and Carer Information Sheet Preschool Phonics Phase 1.1 Environmental Sounds Guide for Parents Eggs Activity Guide Soft and Silky Playdough Recipe Stop Telling Fibs Answers Checklist I Spy And Count Cards – Pictures Boards Boards – Words Boards – Pictures I Spy And Count Checklist Answers Cards – Words Cards Colour Counters Word List Sensory Bottle Summer Bottle Wrap A4 Answers I Can Write My Name Activity Sheet Balloon-Themed Pencil Control Activity Sheets I Spy

Helpful information to support your child’s understanding of the Coronavirus 

Corona Virus Info for Young Children.pdf

More Fun activities do with your children 30/03/20

Weekly Challenge 2: Storytelling
a) For all ages: can you build a storytelling cubby? Having a cosy space to share books and stories can make it an even more special bonding time. For ideas see:

b) For ages 2 and up: ‘Helicopter’ stories! (this challenge is for adults as much as children!)
‘Helicopter stories’ is a simple process that we sometimes use at nursery, where the adult writes down the child’s story, word for word (this could be just a couple of sentences, or a full page or more!)  – you can do this within your cubby! When the story is written, mark out a stage on the floor, and an adult narrates the story, with different children (and any other family members available!) acting out the different characters.

For more details on ‘helicopter stories’ see:
and for how it can and has been done with 2 year olds:

This process helps children’s confidence as they see their ideas come to fruition, their interest in writing as they see the power of the written word, and their imagination, vocabulary and understanding of story structures will develop very quickly. Try it a few times and see how your child’s stories develop over time!

Links to audiobooks and online books
If you have already read all the books in your house and are looking for more stories – there are lots online!
‘Now Press Play’, which we use at nursery to listen to stories through headphones, have kindly made some of their stories available for parents: Password: nowpressplay
This site has online books in 60 languages:
This site has lots of free audiobooks

Spotify has lots of playlists of children’s books. (you will have to put up with some adverts) eg

This site is not audiobooks, but videos of actors reading stories, which are quite nice:

Watch live animals at aquariums and zoos
Lots of aquariums and zoos around the world have opened up their live webcams for you to see – here are just a couple of examples!

 Dublin Zoo: – my favourite is the penguins

Supporting mental wellbeing

For adults: Every Mind Matters has now released expert advice and top tips on how to look after your mental wellbeing if you need to stay at home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. It also includes guidance if you’re feeling worried or anxious about the outbreak. Please visit:

For children:

Michelle our Music Teacher has shared a link that you and watch and do with your children at home