How to write a top-notch Persuasive Speech

With a solid knowledge of what you would like to speak about, it can be easy to write a persuasive speech.  The degree of persuasiveness will depend on your expertise and your ability to capture and maintain the attention of your listeners. The primary goal of a persuasive speech is to assure your listeners that your idea is the most valid and that they should consent with it. However, the chosen topic should be disputably requiring you to make your standpoint more clear and confident. After you have picked your side, ensure that you stick to it and get your audience to follow your lead.

To develop a top-notch speech;

  • You will need to be very clear on your topic, therefore, do not write what you can’t say in your own words. Be fluent and avoid jargon in your speech
  • You can begin your speech with a narrative that will inspire your listeners to keep listening to you.
  • Ensure you always stick to the structure because a slight change may inconvenience your audience
  • Make your speech of a standard length, not too short and not too long
  • Have personal confidence and believe in your words. Ensure you can speak from your heart since this makes your speech more persuasive.
  • If there is something you consider to be superficial, please avoid writing it down. Fill your speech with a great massage so that it can be remembered even after your presentation.

Writing a solution-based speech is arguably the most effective way of making your speech more persuasive. The idea of providing a solution presupposes the presence of a problem of which you should convince your audience that there is indeed a problem. Next, demonstrate that the problem you are about to solve concerns all your listeners and show them why it is critical to have the issue addressed. Make them understand that, by listening to you, it will obviously make a difference.

The problem you are addressing doesn’t need to be necessarily a factual matter or a real-life challenge in the literal sense; it can be something intangible such as people’s desires and needs. For instance, you may choose a topic like the importance of maintaining a house or keeping fit. The primary objective is to make it look like a problem. If your topic of the speech is about people’s daily routines, you will have to convince your listeners that your argument is essential. Demonstrating the adverse outcomes of its absence will be your problem to be solved.

A persuasive speech, contrary to all other types of speech, requires strict adherence to its structure. The standard structure comprises of an introduction that should be mind-blowing to grab the listeners’ attention, three or more body paragraphs that present the main content of your speech, and a conclusion which should be a call for action to your audience.

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Start by drawing an outline. This will save you time and ensure you don’t put just random thoughts on your paper. Your desire is to have the best speech, so you have to pay maximum attention to your introduction to make it strong and more concise. It is at this critical point that your audience will decide whether to listen to you further or not.   Based on your situation greet your audience appropriately before starting. Salute them by using, for instance, a simple ‘hello’ and proceed to introduce yourself. Next, make a catchy opening, for example;

  • Have you ever imagined how much time you could save if some processes in your life were automated? Or,
  • 97% of students check their smartphones immediately after waking up in the morning every day

After an attention-grabbing introduction, it is now the time to develop the main body of your speech. This will include three or more paragraphs depending on the topic of your speech. You can add some humor, simple stories from your life, and some testimonials if your topic requires such. Ensure your paragraphs are arranged systematically and logically by having smooth transitions from one point to the next. For instance, you can have your points transition as below;

  • Poor time management makes you spend a considerable amount of time doing less important things
  • Continued pressure and lack of time might make you sink into depression or anxiety
  • Creating a simple sequence of your daily actions might help you break through
  • Develop a conclusion now

A persuasive speech, like many other forms of writing, requires a conclusion. Summarize your key points by paraphrasing your entire speech. Let your last sentence be a call for action and make it confidently. For instance;

  • Proper time management will help you achieve a lot within the shortest time possible. If you want to make any progress, start it right now.

To make your persuasive speech the most effective, consider the following;

  • Make your arguments not contradictory and do not allow any room for contradiction, this is a speech and not a discussion.
  • Use statistics that can be easily memorized; this will make the impact of your speech to last longer.
  • Make the structure of your speech simple; a complex structure will confuse your audience.

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