Rogerian Essay Writing Tips

Essay writing is a technical subject that requires students to have some specialized and efficient writing skills. Moreover, you need to be fully aware of the type of essay you want to write to avoid unnecessary contradiction of ideas within your essay. Different essays are written to serve various purposes, and you need to understand the distinctive features of each essay. In writing a Rogerian article, you need to understand its meaning, its features and its primary objective. With this knowledge in mind, it is easy for you to develop ideas for your essay quickly and without much effort. This article will help you to understand the key tips in writing a Rogerian essay. For clarification purposes, the article begins by explaining the meaning of a Rogerian essay and a description of its main features to bring you into perspective.

A Rogerian essay presents a debatable topic by the use of an impartial language. Its principal goal is to provide issues from different viewpoints whereby in most cases the two sides disagree. This type of essay will help you to recognize and identify problems from different perspectives and develop viable solutions to the problems. Through this essay also, you will be able to establish a common ground between the perceptions of your own ideas and the ideas of your friends.

A Rogerian essay assumes the features of any other essay but is exceptional in the idea of debate. Understanding the specific features of an essay enables you to develop an outline for your paper, and you can quickly generate ideas that need to include in your article. Like any other essay, a Rogerian essay contains three main parts as described below;


Introduce your essay with a hook that captures the attention of your listeners. Next, briefly explain the issue that you will address and that you want to be fixed. Provide some background information about your topic and conclude with your thesis statement. Remember to be precise and concise and ensure you use impartial language. You need to be updated on your subject with the latest evidence and research.


The thesis of your essay is the central theme surrounding your article and should emphasize the viewpoint of your essay. Your audience should understand the solution you are proposing at this point.


Here, you should provide a strong back up to support your thesis and as well explain the driving force behind your essay topic. In this section, you need to study the two sides of your argument and read through the evidence supporting each side. This way, it will be easier for you to reach a solution to your problem.


Conclude by giving a summary of your key points. Present a concise review of your sturdy points from the two viewpoints and generate a solution which will satisfy both sides of your argument.

Writing Tips

When developing a Rogerian essay, it is critical to have the key points and the essential arguments in mind. This way, you will prepare a unique and exceptional essay, and you will be well endowed to take up the task.  With the right tips, you will be able to present your ideas systematically and logically enabling you to prove your confidence and expertise on your topic. The following are some of the vital tips you should endeavor to embrace.

  • Understand both sides of your argument. What is your opposing argument? This way, you will be able to develop sturdy arguments for your essay.
  • Establish a common ground. After understanding your opposing argument, it will be easy to examine the both sides and to reach a common ground since you will have to omit the opposing ideas.
  • Maintain your position. Do not get into a one on one argument with your audience instead inform the audience. You will achieve this by embracing your position fully and not leaving any loopholes for arguments.
  • Have a list of arguments for your position. Your arguments should be focused on supporting your opinion rather than in refuting the opposing ideas. This way, you appeal to your audience, and they can easily trust you.
  • Be aware of the opposing arguments. Having an outline of the opposing views will help you to compare and contrast the two and persuade the audience to believe that your points are weightier than the opposing ones. Explain the arguments which seem to be contradictory to yours so that you may convenience your audience that your points are more relevant.
  • Reaffirm the essay’s common grounds. Restate your expected common grounds by using evidence to support your arguments. Again, the reaffirmation will confirm to the audience that your stand is weightier than the other one.
  • By using a brief and concise summary, recap your paper using two to three sentences and ensure the most critical information has been included. Clearly state your position and the established common grounds.
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