Everything a student should know about the most popular essay formats

There are different essay formats a student should know. For majority of the students, writing an essay is regarded to be a dreadful task, but something that cannot be avoided. Essays are considered to be quite crucial to making scholarship and admission decisions in colleges. Be it for a class, contents or scholarship, the task of writing essays can be quite overwhelming. The question that is commonly asked by questions across the globe is ‘How to write an essay the correct way’.With the essay being a large project, the student is required to know the different essay formats and steps that can be taken to break the task into several manageable parts. This way, a successful essay can be drafted, irrespective of its purpose.

Formatting essay: 7 steps to write successful essay

• Topic selection: Students often are given essay writing popular topics to write on their own or be assigned with specific topics by their teachers. If given a topic, then the paper type to produce is to be identified. Will it be a specific analysis or the subject’s general overview? If necessary, narrow down the focus!

Again, if topic is not assigned, then some more extra work needs to be undertaken. This opportunity also provides the advantage to select a relevant or interesting subject. Firstly, try to define the purpose. Is the essay to persuade or just provide information! On determining the exact purpose, perform some research on some intriguing topics. Find out what is interesting in life and jot those subjects down.

Evaluate all options. If the objective is to educate, then select a subject already studied. In case, the objective is to persuade, then select a subject passionate about. The writer needs to be engaged in the topic and be interested in it.

• Prepare diagram of ideas or outline: It is necessary to check out formats for writing college essays on the web for ideas and organize thoughts to come up with successful essay. Jotting on paper what is already in the head, it becomes possible to relate links and connections between ideas much more clearly. The structure tends to serve as foundation for the paper. Diagram or outline needs to be used to jot down ideas and to organize them properly.
Write topic in middle of page to create diagram. Draw 3-5 lines that branches off the topic and jot main ideas at the line end. From these main ideas, draw more lines to include more thoughts present on the ideas.
Write topic at top of page, if outline is to be created. From here, list main ideas and leave space under each, so as to include other smaller ideas, which may relate to main ideas. This can help create connections and write more organized essay. Examples of essays from Google can give clear ideas of how to write successful essays.
• Write thesis statement: Once a topic is selected and ideas sorted out into relevant categories, then the next step involves creation of thesis statement. It specifies the readers about the essay points. Checking out the diagram or outline, find out the main ideas. Thesis statement is likely to have 2 parts, with topic being stated in the first one and point of essay in the second. For instance, if writing about Donald Trump and his impact upon the U.S. as President, the most appropriate thesis statement will be, “Future of U.S. impacted by Donald Trump with his term as President.”
• Write body of the essay: The essay body describes, explains or argues the topic. Each main idea mentioned in the outline or diagram is likely to become separate, distinct segment within the essay body. Also same basic structure will be present in each body paragraph. Start an introductory sentence with one main idea. Then write in sentence format, each supporting idea. However, leave blank 3-4 lines in-between every point, so that detailed examples can be given later to back up position. Such spaces are to be filled up with relative information to help link together smaller ideas. Essay format samples can help show how to write essay body correctly.

• Write introduction: After developing thesis and overall body of the essay, the next step is to write an introduction, which should be good enough to draw the reader’s attention. An attention grabber is what one should start with. Essay examples for colleges can be searched for at Google to get some ideas of how to write compelling essays. Dialogue, shocking information, quote, store or even a simple summary related to the topic can be used. Irrespective of the angle selected, ensure that it is related to the thesis statement and included as the introduction’s last sentence.

• Write conclusion: It brings end to the topic and also sums up the overall ideas of the writer, as well as provides final perspective upon the topic. The conclusion is to have 3-5 strong sentences. Review main points and offer reinforcement of the thesis.

• Add finishing touches: Completion of conclusion does not mean that the essay is also completed. All minute details are to be paid proper and careful attention to ensure considering it as finished work. Check paragraph order. Strongest point is to be at the first and the last paragraphs and the others in the middle portion of the body. Also, the paragraph order is to make proper sense. If a process is being described in the essay, like how to bake tasty chocolate cake, then paragraphs are to fall in correct order, so as to be better understood by the readers. If applicable, then instructions for essay are to be thoroughly reviewed. Most scholarship forms and teachers tend to follow various types of formats. Hence, it will be necessary to double check instructions. This will help the essay to be in correct format. Finally check and review what is written and proofread paper several times to identify mistakes and to find out if it makes proper sense. Also, sentence flow needs to be smooth. Include phrases to connect ideas or thoughts. Check essay for spelling and grammar mistakes.
Following the above procedure can help to come up with a well written and grammatically correct essay that will be appreciated by everyone.

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