How to write a successful climate change essay

Climate change is among the most debated topics across the globe because of its far-reaching impacts on the humankind. Climate change poses a significant risk to human society in the form of global warming and thus has attracted much attention in the global arena. This makes climate change essays common assignments among students.

If you are asked to write a climate change essay, be prepared to conduct in-depth research and deep analysis of your topic. Be very cautious where you look for information. Acceptable sources should include ones whose author has relevant knowledge of climate change, or the publishing organization deals with matters of climate change. Scoring the best grade in this essay will require more than just writing a mind-blowing essay. You will have to back up your ideas with evidence from reliable sources.

Writing a climate change essay

Begin a climate change essay by conducting research and gathering evidence from various sources. After you have the required resources, plan on the right structure for your essay.

Start your essay by constructing a thesis statement. Let your statement align with your type of essay. An essay on climate change can take multiple forms, for instance, a scientific research on the possible causes of global warming. Also, it can it can take the form of an argumentative essay that will explain why global warming is a serious problem to the human population. Likewise, you may be required to write an informative essay whereby you will have to create awareness to the reader about the existence of a problem, say global warming, without giving your views about the issue.

Therefore, you will need to first identify the nature of your climate change essay before proceeding to craft your thesis. Remember, your thesis will form the opening statement of your paper, and therefore it should be firm enough to capture and maintain the attention of the readers throughout your essay.

Introducing a climate change essay

Writing an eye-catching introduction for a climate change essay can be a challenge especially where your topic is highly scientific. This is because most of your content is expected to be factual and evidence-based but still should capture the attention of the reader. In this section, I will guide you on how to write an eye-catching introduction while still maintaining facts and sounding formal. Use the IEB (Informative, Eye-Catching, Brief) formula. Ensure that the main idea of the paper is captured in the introduction to convince the reader that it is worth their time. You can begin your essay with;

  1. A fascinating fact that is not widely known. You can include statistics if possible. For instance, you can write, the world statistics on climate change estimates that by the year 2050, human-caused global warming will reach around three degrees.
  2. With a question that will get the readers mind tuned into action. For example, can you imagine that global warming will, in the near future, make life impossible on earth? Should we start exploring other planets for homes?
  • With a quote from a renowned source such as a newspaper, or a prominent individual or author. For instance, “Knowing that we have the power to influence global climate is enormously important when trying to imagine what our climate might look like in 2050”. (Katherine Richardson)

After reading such fascinating statements, the reader will start developing the interest to learn more about your ideas.

Writing the body of the essay

In this section, you explain the existing in detail. Remember the content will differ depending on your topic and the type of essay you are asked to write. At this point, you already have a summary of your researched ideas, you have your thesis, and you have introduced your essay.

Now, start writing down your key arguments and use the sourced information to back up your arguments. Ensure that you have the most recent data and statistics on global warming since the updates are done annually.

Divide your paper into 3-4 concrete paragraphs each with a unique idea. Let each paragraph begin with a topic sentence followed by a thorough analysis of the idea. If you are writing about the effects of global warming, for example, you can have two paragraphs discussing the significant effects and two paragraphs providing possible solutions to the problem. Regardless of the nature of your essay, convince the reader that whatever you are writing is right and make sure you appeal to their logic.

Writing the conclusion

This is the last part of your climate change essay. Here, provide a summary of all the ideas covered in the main body. Just as the introduction, your conclusion should be firm and convincing. You can opt to read your paper to a friend and find out whether you have covered your topic adequately.  You can write everything else brilliantly and also fail if your conclusion is weak. Make sure your paper is balanced in terms of compactness from the beginning to the end. You can end your essay with a call to action or a rhetorical question. This will not only make your essay unforgettable but also will leave your readers wanting to learn more about your topic of choice.

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