How to write a Personal Essay

A personal essay is a long essay, and it circulates around a topic, which is generally about a famous personality, a famous event, your own life and experiences about something, and any such important thing which can be elaborated with many points and facts and happenings etc. While writing such an essay, the writer has to fully go to that event or time period, situation etc., and then narrate it. And this requires research, understanding, and the power of smooth and engaging narration of the event or happenings.

That is why, personal essay writing practicing emphasises on the person’s ability to narrate, tell a story, read and understand and write a thing, perceive and represent, and make stuff interesting and engaging to read so that an event that is known to everyone still looks nice and interesting to read once again in the writer’s unique style. And point to be remembered, a personal essay is quite different from academic writing.

Personal essay outline

A personal essay has three parts. And they are the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. And these three parts must be justified well.

  • The introduction culminates the essay. The first line, and the first paragraph must be so well written that it evokes a beautiful feeling of interest for the matter written in between in body. This is how readers are made to read the essay by pulling their attention to the middle of the essay through the highly impressive and interesting first few lines.
  • The body of the essay is your place to elaborate, discuss, line up points, and write things in details. The body is the place to discuss every details you have in mind, point wise. That is why the body gets long and contains many paragraphs, sub topics and elaborations on them.
  • The conclusion is the packing up part, where you summarize the whole content, get to a verdict or final comment on the whole topic, and close the topic with a complete solution or final comment. The conclusion is not too long, and neither too short. These lines just full and finally pack up the essay.

How to write Introduction for personal essay

The introduction for personal essay must be engaging, captivating, and very interesting. The first line must pull the eyes to the second, and the first paragraph must be so good that each line draws the attention to the next to make it a beautiful reading experience. The entire introduction part must be so interesting that the reader gets compelled to go through the body automatically.

It’s important to note, that the body of an essay contains important explanations, establishments of theories and points, elaboration of incidents and things, and hence is long, and may look too factual or boring at places for some. But it’s the job of the intro part to bring the readers to the body part. And hence the role of the intro in captivating minds and drag them to the body is vital.

How to write personal essay conclusion

The conclusion of a personal essay must wrap up the contents of the entire body, and may finally discuss one important line or idiom or fact etc. which was used in the introduction, and then establish it as the verdict, or comment on it. The conclusion must finally establish those points which are elaborately discussed in the body. The conclusion must look like a final comment, or verdict, or summary of the whole discussion with ending lines towards the topic. It may contains your personal comments on the subject, as you are the person who started, described, and went through the whole topic. Thus you may personally comment on the whole discussion and end the essay at the conclusion with gratifying lines.

How to write personal essay for college and high school

To write personal essay for college you will have to see what topic you are given. Study the topic to understand exactly what you have to discuss. Based on that get your research done. Your online links, scholarly articles, library books and whatever resources you may get like old newspapers etc. Sometimes the topic may be too general and research can be simpler on this. After a thorough study and collection of vital data, you will be able to write on this. Make sure to write those points or facts only which can be correlated with reality.

Now when you are thinking how to write personal essay for high school it’s not as big a challenge compared to college essays. Students are tested for their narrative power mainly, and topics are simpler than research papers. A simple study and elaborative thoughtful writing is enough to bring out the best. Only the choice of words must be simple and yet good, and thoughts must flow naturally with good presentation skills.

Personal essay templates and samples

Personal essays writing is also an art, and to master it, students may need format suggestions and examples. Examples and formats help a lot on getting accustomed with the structure and writing style of these essays. And for better performance you can download such essay formats and templates. Templates are blank files with the outline of the structure to suggest you where to put which part in which style. And templates of personal essays are available online for free downloads. If you want to be totally sure before starting an essay, get a template, and then start filling it with your words.

Samples which you may find in essay books and online libraries are another way to get help. Studying a sample essay will help you understand the flow, style, format etc., and gives you a real life example. Based on a sample, and with a template you collected, you may then write beautiful essays. Framing a beautiful essay needs the perfect combination of all these factors.

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