How to start a conclusion

Many students have difficulties on how to start a conclusion paragraph. Like an introduction, a conclusion is another important part of any essay. It gives the writer a better scope to leave their reader with a thoughtful closing of a discussion. This is the reason that one needs to write the conclusion more carefully. It should be more than a mere restatement of your entire thesis and a brief retelling of your primary ideas.
This part of an essay should come with the brief summary of your main points as it will help your readers to recall all the chief ideas that you have already covered. Besides that, you will be able to use one or more instruments to make your writing piece more interesting.

Now come to the most important question that how to start a conclusion paragraph that will impress your readers best. You can ask your search engine to get the most effective examples of how to start a conclusion paragraph or the best words to start a conclusion. You will get lots of phrases like In conclusion examples; wrap the essay up essay etc. You can present it in a more creative way to make the paper stand out from others and so the teachers will find their interest to read that.

How to start a Conclusion Paragraph in a better way


Using the framing option is a unique and most impressive technique as the Conclusion starters. Framing means where you need to state a particular thought or idea in the introduction and coming back to conclusion part with the same idea. So if you used the reference of an event, person or any of your memories in the introduction, come back with the same style of phrases to start a conclusion. To achieve this effect, you can make the same Conclusion transition words as per the first sentence of the particular paper.

Proposing a solution

One of the most popular ideas to start your conclusion is to present it directly as the solution of the problem that you have described in your paper, the solution can be for an economical, political or social issues. So without presenting the problem again, you can start your conclusion with the effective ideas to address the issues. This type of approach on how to start a conclusion paragraph can be quite effective you have restrictions on the length of your paper. If you are working on the short assignment, don’t give a recap of the facts that you have said already in the body but state the original solution of the issues.


This is the best way to start your conclusion paragraph for an argumentative essay but this technique is equally important to the entire range of the assignments or the research papers. Here you can end up your essay by raising an argument that the readers need to solve. Even if you have described the significance of your argument in the introduction of the essay or paper, it is also a good idea to come up with the same at the conclusion. By using the framing technique you can give value to your paper.

Keep it simple

If you are looking for the in conclusion alternatives, don’t use the complicated phrases. Keep it as simple as possible so the readers will understand your purpose easily. Here you don’t need to put any new information regarding the subject or topic and you are not allowed here to introduce any new issue by using the newer terms. As you are wrapping up your writing here, use the simplest ideas and phrases but don’t dumb down all the information.

Strategies to start your conclusion

Bringing the reader full circle:

In this strategy, you will return to the main themes you used in the introduction by employing same keywords, concepts and same imagery you began the writing piece with. The key difference should be, this time; you will bring a new understanding.

Active summary

Instead of throwing merely a usual summary of the previous discussion, present a way to the readers that how all of your points fit together, in the context of the thesis and provided evidence.

Types of conclusion startup

There are different types of the conclusion that you can add to different types of essays. If you are writing a speech and looking for the way of how to start a conclusion in a speech there are many options in which you may close your speech. The conclusion of your speech must be such that reminds your audience your message and leaves them with a long lasting and with a positive impression. It is also significant that you should make the conclusion with proper link to your introduction.

The conclusion of a paper is one of the most essential parts of the entire written piece as it brings together all the relevant and key points that you may have discussed throughout the particular paper into one final section and it also strengthens up your argument or it answers all the question that you have asked at the beginning of your essay.

To start the conclusion, you need to use catchy, meaningful and relevant phrases to start a conclusion that may sum up the entire thought and ideas you have presented in your essay.

Be yourself while starting up the conclusion of your essay

Another great tip to start an impressive essay conclusion is to make sure that it sounds more like you. You don’t need to sound like someone else, so start the conclusion with your own thought and impression that you have achieved after the thorough research on the topic.

You need to make sure that the tone that you have set throughout the paper is also present in the conclusion. This means you are writing it in your own voice.

You can write your conclusion in freestyle that means you need to understand how to start a conclusion paragraph without saying in conclusion and the conclusion part will come with the writing flow easily without mentioning any header or without adding any subheadings.

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