How to make your writing interesting for middle school

To understand how to write compelling content for students in middle school, it is essential to understand the nature of students under this category.

Who are middle school learners?

Middle school students are thought of as grades 5 through 8 and are characterized by a unique set of needs that set them apart from the childhood years of elementary school. Their demands also do no find them prepared for the late adolescence of high school. Thus, their teachers need to be aware of these characteristics and unique behavior of early adolescents to figure out the nature of the content they deserve. Remember this is a group of young boys and girls who are entering the adolescence stage and thus undergoing tremendous changes within their body systems — included in the changes in the form of thinking from merely concrete to more abstract thinking. The meaningfulness of the content will trigger Their desire to learn, that is, the more the content is meaningful, the higher the likelihood of reading.

Another essential feature to consider is how much content their brains can digest within a certain period of time. For instance, the National Education Association explains that middle school students can hold between five to seven bits of information at a time and thus teachers, as well as writers, should be time conscious when writing their content for this group of learners. The best way to teach middle school learners is through allowing them to move around and have hands-on experiences and experiments that will enable them to reach conclusions that are based on facts or data-based.

Reading materials and programs for middle school learners needs to be designed in a way that will meet their intellectual, emotional, social and physical needs. You will need to structure your material such that it aligns with the unique demands of the readers. Make your piece of writing responsive to both the academic and developmental needs of the young reader.

Making your writing interesting

According to the guidelines of the Learning.Org, an excellent essay should not only have originality of thoughts, a tight structure or a balanced argument but also should be interesting. An interesting article sparks curiosity as well as capturing the attention of the readers making them want to keep reading your content. You might be having excellent points, and your arguments might be making the most sense, but if your writing style is dull or you handle a dry subject poorly, the positive aspects of your essay but me undermined.

Additionally, putting your audience into consideration is absolutely critical if you have to meet their reading demands. For instance, writing for elementary students will be different from writing for middle school because each set of readers has different reading expectations. In other words, what might spark the interest of elementary school pupils might not necessarily do the same to middle school learners. The following section provides essentials guidelines for writing interesting essays for middle school learners.

Tips for writing interesting essays for middle school

  • Think about your reader

Put yourself into the shoes of the reader and try to remember the things you liked when you were their age. Ask yourself questions like,

  1. would this interest me if I was this age
  2. for how long would I like to read attentively
  • Will this content grab my attention and make me want to read further?
  • Ensure you are interested in what you are writing about

A common saying goes like, “you cannot give what you don’t have.” You have to be interested in your topic so that you can extend the interest to your readers. Ensure you have a real passion for the subject you intend to write about. For middle school learners, ensure you appeal to their intellectual and emotional well being by aligning your arguments with their expectations.

  • Ensure you include fascinating details

This is essential, especially when writing on a dry subject. You have to be creative enough to liven the dry topic by adding details that will make reading easier. This can be achieved by trying to make your subject more relevant to the real world to make it more relatable to the reader. Remember, your audience is a young and active group that needs captivating content to keep them moving.

  • Outsource some creative writing techniques

Although there is a limit of how far an essay writer can borrow from story-telling techniques, you can apply some to make your essay mind-blowing. But do not forget that essays should be objectified, actual and balanced. One essential technique you can borrow is having your essay start with a hook that will grab the attention of the reader into your essay and make them want to keep reading to the end. Also, ensure you tailor your hook to make it appealing to your audience, in this case, middle school students.

  • Use the active voice

Using the active voice automatically makes writing interesting to read. It puts the reader into the context because it is more direct and energetic. Here you are dealing with a young, more active and energetic audience whose expectations to learn is extremely high. Making your writing sound more dynamic and lively is a sure way of holding their attention throughout the essay.

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