The different types of Essays

There are present different types of essays, many of which are not known by amateur writers. While at work, college or high school, it is quite common for people to come across various writing types on a regular basis. Different types of essays, here tend to mean, presence of different writing styles, including all genres of writing which is to be understood to approach the essay correctly.

The question that many have in their mind is how to write an essay, the right way and earn appreciation. Researching the web is sure to help find out common essay types samples that can be used.

Common essay writing types

• Expository writing: In this type of essay writing, the reader is explained or informed about something.
• Descriptive writing: In this essay type, the writer descries something or a situation.
• Persuasive writing: In this type, the writer provides reasons for their opinions.
• Narrative writing: The writer in this type tries to tell a story in narrative form to the reader.

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About essay

An essay is termed to be a common writing type that is written by students and professionals alike. Essays are written in any particular form or the other. But the question is what is essay all about and how to define it in real terms!
The best essay writers do define essay to be ‘a writing piece based on any specific topic or subject’.
It is a broad definition and obviously makes anyone curious about the existence of wide range of essay subjects. There are several options, ranging from college essays to expository essays which need to be taken into consideration. Going through the web can help the amateur writer to avail useful free essay samples.

Know the different types of essays

College admission essays and professional essays are to be written in a specific format, with the topic being given by the concerned authorities or clients. It will be necessary to understand the various types of essays, so as to write them correctly and earn appreciation from the readers. Checking out personal essay samples and other types from the web can be of great help to become a good writer and to perfect the craft.
Expository essays: It is quite natural for amateur writes to feel lost when checking out expository type of essays, since the very idea behind this type is often misunderstood. In this type, it is necessary to explain ‘how to’ process by using facts and avoiding opinions. In case, the writer is not sure about the subject matter, then going through expository essay examples can help. The following prompts can also be taken into consideration:
o Analysis essay: Analysis of objects, events, ideas, etc.
o How to essay: Describes how to do something.
o Descriptive essay: Attempt towards describing any particular idea or event.
o Step by step essay: Description of specific process.
Argumentative essays: It is vital to create an argument. It is equally important to research the topic prior to starting writing the essay and to provide well rounded account, even if the plan is to focus upon a specific argument. The difficult types are those which do not take into consideration the different viewpoints surrounding the topic. Although a particular stance will have to be taken, obnoxious sounding rhetoric is better avoided. Sample college essays can help to know what to do and avoid. Few popular topics to consider:
o Actors paid more than actresses.
o Congress members in the U.S. not to have term limits.
o Government not to have greater say over dietary needs.
o Marketing towards children to be prohibited pertaining to all cases.
o Children behaving worse than hundred years before.
Classification essays: This type requires classifications and categories. It serves to classify objects, things or ideas and to develop thesis statement as well as body surrounding such categories. Common essay types samples from the web can provide some ideas. The following topics can be availed, if unsure about writing on something:
o Different ways by which capitalism is reacted upon.
o How certain things can be remembered effectively.
o Psychological context and different ways by which people motivate themselves.
College essays: Students are often confronted with different writing styles in college and it varies between assignments. Different write genres are to be considered and college admission essays as well as sample college essays can provide excellent ideas. Few tips for college students to follow:
o Use sophisticated and mature vocabulary when explaining topic to audience.
o Avail information only from reliable sources.
o Write appropriate and university standard language.
o Plan and organize the essay.
o Have excellent command over referencing and use properly formatting.

Hook types for essays

When trying to write an essay of different type, it is essential to know about how much attention needs to be instilled right from the beginning. This can be achieved easily by using wide range of hooks. It engages the reader and makes them want more! Hence, some hooks can be used on any kind of subject matter and incorporated into the work.
• Describe in brief the process and connect it with subject matter.
• Share engaging and interesting fact.
• Present thesis topic like it is some recent discovery.
• Give description of specific place which sets effectively the essay.
• Provide something witty relevant to the subject.

Good essay topics

Even the best essay writers may find it tough to find good essay topics. Free essay samples on the web can show how to start the right and correct way. Some topics given below can help:
• Society, e.g. “Issues faced by archaeologists when reconstructing relics.”
• Law, e.g. “Will violating the law be justified for one’s cause?”
• Ethics, e.g. “Is happiness related to moral behavior?”
• Controversial, e.g. “Is it justified to use euthanasia?”
It is quite natural for people to get confused about the different essay types and writing styles that requires to be employed. Hence, hiring the best essay writing services online can prove to be a real savior.

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