APA style format from A-Z

APA style is one of the most popular essays formatting style that used commonly for the academic writing and it often covers used forms of citation. A student will be asked generally to use the APA paper format when the academic paper you are attempting, comes under the category of psychology or different fields in social sciences. The APA style is most useful a large number of sources are taken from the already published scholarly articles, academic journals, pamphlets, and updated book editions.

One particular point of APA style that makes it different from other writing formats is its focus on the date and title of your source of research instead of the author. The reason for this emphasis is one individual author or journal may have three more same items that you will like to consult there can be a changing nature of the scientific information.

APA is the shirt form of the American Psychological Association. This style is actually an essay writing format for its members to follow because they usually wrote journals and books for the organization to publish.

The format grew in popularity very faster, expanding beyond its members. Many educational institutions now use this style as a guideline for students to write a formal paper, such as a thesis or the dissertation paper.

Best APA paper writers provide the paper with a structure and also give solid ideas of logical formation throughout the essay. There are various ways to present the essay in this APA format. The chief concern of the essay is surely the referencing aspects of it. Each set of your summery, quotation, paraphrases should come with the reference (if applicable). The year should be included in a parenthesis and so the page numbers.

Basics to know about APA Style

A student can write the APA format essay by themselves only or can hire Best APA papers online writing services to complete their academic paper on time. These services are available very much online.

The second most important part of the APA formatting guidelines is adding the reference list that includes the complete list of the sources from where you have got the information to write your essay. This part you need to add at the end of the essay. You can create a proper double spaced source list as the citation and can organize the part alphabetically according to the first letters of the author’s name.  To present the different part of the essay, one needs to check some Top-quality APA paper samples to know how to write and what to write.

Active voice

Try not to use active voice phrases as you are writing a paper in APA style. APA Style requires only the phrases of active voice. Present your paper by using the active voice phrases.

Good content

Not only the guidelines of APA paper format but focus more on the content of your paper and focus on the concept of writing. If the content of your paper is lacking the quality, you will never able to score high.

You need to avoid contractions as you are writing an APA style essay. Don’t write “Can’t” but write “cannot,” more like, don’t write “it’s” but write “it is.” Do not use complex or colloquial language. Simple, to the point writing and concise language is best to present the paper.  Never write it in the first person manner. Use good quality but meaningful phrases.


Proofreading is important but done leave it as a last-minute work; you can do it few times before even the fishing the paper or as you have finished writing.

If you are not sure that how to present an APA format essay, you can ask to write Papers in APA writing help online or can hire a professional for the proofreading task.

Once you have knowledgeable on the APA Style guidelines, you will be able to use them throughout your essay by making your job much easier.

An APA style essay generally comes with four different parts like the title page that comes first, then the abstract, 250 words content to preview your paper, then body, the details discussion of your topic and then add the reference part where you need to add the reference list with citation.

You can ask your instructor to provide with a guideline that you can follow to write the APA style essay or you can check out some APA paper examples to get an idea that what you can write and what not in your Paper.

Some tips on A to Z formatting

  • Always align the text flush left.
  • If you are using a word processor, write it with a serif font, like Times New Roman. Use text in 10- or 12-point size.
  • Do not break and hyphenate the words at the end of any line. Keep a line little short and place the entire word on the next line.
  • Indent paragraphs within the major text of the paper one-half inch, if you are using a computer word processor.
  • Use 1-inch margins on all four sides of the paper: Top, right, bottom, and left.
  • Numbering is important in the paper, including the title page. Place the number in the upper-right corner of the page and write it by using the Arabic numerals.
  • Create the reference list in alphabetical order according to the fist letter of the authors so that your readers will find it easily.

Outline and draft

It is always to start your writing process by making an outline of the entire essay. It will give you an insight that what you are supposed to add in your paper and it will help you to make the paper concise.

You can make a draft by writing one section at the time because all the four parts of an APA style paper is different. Like in your title page don’t forget to add the heading, title, author names. Don’t include any main text in the abstract page but add a page header with two or three words summary etc. Always start each of the section of your paper in different pages.

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