How to Write Compare And Contrast Essay

Compare and contrast essay is a common type in any school. This format of essay deals with comparison of two things, topics, items, topics etc. The objective of such essays is to compare between the two and then list the similarities and dissimilarities between the two, and discuss those in details. If the essay is meant to be only a comparison essay then only the similarities will be the point of discussion. And if the essay is meant to be only a contrasting essay, then only the differences will be discussed. And if the essay is a combination of both types, then both similarities and differences will be discussed equally or as applicable.

Clearing concept about a compare and contrast essay

How to start a contrasting essay or a comparison essay or a combined essay depends on the understanding of the thesis. Either you will be given a topic, or you will be deciding a topic. Whichever way it is, the topic will help you decide what the thesis of the essay will be. In the introduction you will be discussing this thesis, which later in the body of the essay you will be proving through establishment of the compare and contrast points. This is how a comparison or contrasting essay is started.

If you are asking how to write compare and contrast essay introduction, then you must understand that, introduction always gives a glimpse of what you will be concluding. The introduction is never vague, flowery or just to fill words. The introduction rather tells about the argument you would be establishing in the essay and prepares the reader to go through those points. And the same things are discussed and elaborated in the body.

Compare and contrast essay topics

In this way there can be thousands of compare and contrast topics for essays with low, medium, high and very high difficulty levels. The topic must be chosen such that the topic brings in enough important similarities and differences in the essay body, which in turn may bring lots of scope to show the skill of the writer. The student’s skills of comparing and contrasting, and thereby establishing a point is very much tested through such topics. And this in future helps in debating, choosing the right and wrong, and taking vital comparison based decisions in life.

If as the teacher or committee you are choosing a topic for the students, then you will have to choose one which will give the student the opportunity to prove his or her skills in debating comparing and contrasting through detailed case study, and yet must be an easy topic which demands comparison and not brain racking studies mainly. Too much time on studies and finding out too many points which are beyond the scope of the essay for detailing can also be a problem. Hence topics must be real life and good enough to get accommodated into the estimated essay word count or length.

Compare and contrast essay examples

Some of the common and interesting topics of compare and contrast essays are discussed here. Few topic examples for each age group are given here.

For the 6th grade these topics are apt:

  • Juice versus water
  • Tennis vs ping pong
  • Summer or winter

Middle school essay topics:

  • How to compare school bullies with the famous dictators of the world
  • Parents or celeb, who influence adolescents the most
  • Zeus or King Arthur

High school essay topics:

  • E-books or paper printed books
  • Concrete building versus wooden houses
  • How vision of beauty differs among American and Japanese people

College essay topics:

  • Living at home with family or living at the college campus with room mates
  • Part time jobs or seasonal jobs
  • Online and distance learning courses versus regular courses

Some of the easy essay topics are:

  • Macbeth versus Julius Caesar
  • Barcelona versus Real Madrid
  • Textbooks or tablets which is apt for school education
  • Rugby or football
  • Incarceration or rehabilitation

Structure of compare and contrast essays

Creating the essay outline is very important. The proper outline can be made with structuring the points of differences and similarities one by one. Based on your studies, you can write down the points one by one, and then elaborate them. It’s not necessary that you write equal number of points for both contrast and comparison. The points must be based on reality and truth, and not imagined. With proper point based outlining, the structuring parts gets simple and manageable.

The structure of compare and contrast essays can be as follows in an average:

  • Introduction: The introduction comes first, and introduces the two things or points, which will be contrasted or compared in the essay.
  • Thesis statement: Two things cannot be equal in similarity and differences. The scale will be heavier on one side, either differences or similarities. Now what you feel as per the research- more differences or more similarities must be discussed next.
  • Body: The body is to discuss the core topic. You may start with the similarities or differences whichever way you feel easy. Any pattern can be followed to establish the points.
  • Conclusion: this is the final losing part where you draw the thesis to an end with your final comments or verdict.

Writing the conclusion of a compare and contrast essay is also an art. In such essays the conclusion draws a verdict. The points of similarities and differences which you discussed so far in the body, can be closed with a final verdict towards the topic here. You put in your comments and close the discussion tactfully while telling what you finally feel about the comparison and contrast.

This average format is followed in every contrast and comparison essay. And you can use this same structure for any school or college essay.


A comparison and contrast essay may get too lengthy. However depending on the requirement or restrictions on word count or length, the points may need to be cropped while still retaining in the essay body.

Things a Student Should Know About Academic Writing

Academic writing is all about writing on a topic in the most elaborative and much needed way, so that you may discuss a case study, establish some points, argue on an old theory or hypothesis, and so on. This needs in-depth study of the subject matter, so that points can be established with much maturity. The tone of academic writing is formal. The lines written in such essays are simple, short, and does contain vocabulary which is easy to understand without referring to a dictionary. Academic essays need references. You cannot define or discuss something without supporting facts and figures. There must be supporting facts and references behind everything you state and discuss on an academic essay.

Academic writing structure

How to write an assignment introduction depends on the assignment topic. An assignment writing must be discussing the assignment topic from your perspective and set expectations before the reader about how you will be elaborating, debating, or discussing on that topic. The flow of the academic assignment, and the line of thought you have on discussing this will be reflected very well on the introduction. The job of the introduction is to set an expectation of what to expect in the assignment. Also the intro must be interesting. Not all academic subjects, theories and discussions are flowery or engaging. Things are serious and scholarly here. But still the lines must captivate the serious reader and make it understood that this assignment contains good facts and figures and meaningful discussions in a constructive way throughout.

There are structures for writing an assignment. You must follow the structure. Suggestion about the structure are available on assignment templates and formats, which can be downloaded from websites. Also you can get structure suggestions from books. The structure basically is about starting the assignment with a nice engaging and factual introduction that tells readers that you already have grip on the subject. The next thing is the body. This part contains elaborations, discussions, debates, and descriptive points. This body part can be divided into many sub topics. And then every sub topic can be discussed in detail with good solid points and facts and figures. The conclusion comes next, where you finally declare a verdict and or draw concluding comments. This wraps up or closes the entire topic with what you have found out with your in-depth study of the matter through supporting documents.

Assignment writing online services

Online assignment writing services are available. Students sometimes are too burdened with other assignments and papers. They really fall short of time. Sometimes unfortunate events also absorbs time for a student so badly that by the time life comes to a balance you are left with no ideas or time to give in to your assignment writing. And if you do this badly or half-heartedly, then your grades will get down may be just because of that badly attempted assignment writing. Hence, a nice solution can be to get a paper done from online writing services.

Although this is not the best thing to do ethically, and your assignments must be done by you only. But it’s also an understood factor that if the assignment writing eats up all of your time that you are left with no more time to prepare for term papers, then this does not makes sense. That’s why sometimes you may have to look for this arrangement to get sorted when time is short and lots of load are on you. Also a first timer may get it done online to get an idea of how things are done. You may also want to get one done online to see and refer to this and recreate the work on your own.

How to write an assignment for college

You may look tips for how to prepare a college assignment very fast. Writing a college assignment needs following of the steps below:

  • Understand the topic
  • Make plans for writing what you want to write after studying the topic
  • Make a structure of paragraphs in the assignment body by planning each paragraph matter
  • Plan to link the paragraphs so that the flow of the writing is not disturbed or looks confused
  • Make sub topics according to the paragraph matter for each portion
  • Plan the introduction and sketch the entire article in the intro in captivating and concise words
  • Plan the conclusion and establish points where you comment on the entire discussion and debate you did through the body

Following these steps will help you in preparing the college assignment real fast. You will be able to make a nice assignment even in a short time if you have access to the right template and format.

Sometimes you may be left with one night or one day to prepare an assignment real fast. Structuring is the main thing which you must do at that time. Preparing a proper structure or format will help you get a direction. Once this structure is ready, thoughts and facts may flow easily through the article body. Then studying will be the main time consuming thing. And sooner you complete your research the sooner you will be able to start with the assignment. For more help you may download a template. This will enable in eve faster structuring of the writing.


Academic writing samples are available online. You can download the samples free from sites, and then you may study the samples to understand exactly how assignments for schools and colleges can be done. Samples can be great guides for you and tell you the exact style and format of assignment writing for your study courses.

Working on school or college assignments is a fun in many ways if you look into it in that way. The presentation and planning for the assignment makes you ready to work on similar and more serious projects which you will get in lifetime in your job or career. Such assignment handling while carefully using, projecting, and proving point and facts through references, is a much useful way to deal with case studies and fact handling.


How to write a Personal Essay

A personal essay is a long essay, and it circulates around a topic, which is generally about a famous personality, a famous event, your own life and experiences about something, and any such important thing which can be elaborated with many points and facts and happenings etc. While writing such an essay, the writer has to fully go to that event or time period, situation etc., and then narrate it. And this requires research, understanding, and the power of smooth and engaging narration of the event or happenings.

That is why, personal essay writing practicing emphasises on the person’s ability to narrate, tell a story, read and understand and write a thing, perceive and represent, and make stuff interesting and engaging to read so that an event that is known to everyone still looks nice and interesting to read once again in the writer’s unique style. And point to be remembered, a personal essay is quite different from academic writing.

Personal essay outline

A personal essay has three parts. And they are the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. And these three parts must be justified well.

  • The introduction culminates the essay. The first line, and the first paragraph must be so well written that it evokes a beautiful feeling of interest for the matter written in between in body. This is how readers are made to read the essay by pulling their attention to the middle of the essay through the highly impressive and interesting first few lines.
  • The body of the essay is your place to elaborate, discuss, line up points, and write things in details. The body is the place to discuss every details you have in mind, point wise. That is why the body gets long and contains many paragraphs, sub topics and elaborations on them.
  • The conclusion is the packing up part, where you summarize the whole content, get to a verdict or final comment on the whole topic, and close the topic with a complete solution or final comment. The conclusion is not too long, and neither too short. These lines just full and finally pack up the essay.

How to write Introduction for personal essay

The introduction for personal essay must be engaging, captivating, and very interesting. The first line must pull the eyes to the second, and the first paragraph must be so good that each line draws the attention to the next to make it a beautiful reading experience. The entire introduction part must be so interesting that the reader gets compelled to go through the body automatically.

It’s important to note, that the body of an essay contains important explanations, establishments of theories and points, elaboration of incidents and things, and hence is long, and may look too factual or boring at places for some. But it’s the job of the intro part to bring the readers to the body part. And hence the role of the intro in captivating minds and drag them to the body is vital.

How to write personal essay conclusion

The conclusion of a personal essay must wrap up the contents of the entire body, and may finally discuss one important line or idiom or fact etc. which was used in the introduction, and then establish it as the verdict, or comment on it. The conclusion must finally establish those points which are elaborately discussed in the body. The conclusion must look like a final comment, or verdict, or summary of the whole discussion with ending lines towards the topic. It may contains your personal comments on the subject, as you are the person who started, described, and went through the whole topic. Thus you may personally comment on the whole discussion and end the essay at the conclusion with gratifying lines.

How to write personal essay for college and high school

To write personal essay for college you will have to see what topic you are given. Study the topic to understand exactly what you have to discuss. Based on that get your research done. Your online links, scholarly articles, library books and whatever resources you may get like old newspapers etc. Sometimes the topic may be too general and research can be simpler on this. After a thorough study and collection of vital data, you will be able to write on this. Make sure to write those points or facts only which can be correlated with reality.

Now when you are thinking how to write personal essay for high school it’s not as big a challenge compared to college essays. Students are tested for their narrative power mainly, and topics are simpler than research papers. A simple study and elaborative thoughtful writing is enough to bring out the best. Only the choice of words must be simple and yet good, and thoughts must flow naturally with good presentation skills.

Personal essay templates and samples

Personal essays writing is also an art, and to master it, students may need format suggestions and examples. Examples and formats help a lot on getting accustomed with the structure and writing style of these essays. And for better performance you can download such essay formats and templates. Templates are blank files with the outline of the structure to suggest you where to put which part in which style. And templates of personal essays are available online for free downloads. If you want to be totally sure before starting an essay, get a template, and then start filling it with your words.

Samples which you may find in essay books and online libraries are another way to get help. Studying a sample essay will help you understand the flow, style, format etc., and gives you a real life example. Based on a sample, and with a template you collected, you may then write beautiful essays. Framing a beautiful essay needs the perfect combination of all these factors.

How to write a winning Scholarship Essay

A scholarship essay is an essay of the top grade which will give you the best exposure as the writer on the subject, and establish your skill and knowhow and presentation so good that you can become eligible for a scholarship for that essay.

Academic writing and Essay- similarities and differences

Essay writing requires understanding of the subject and great communication skills. Your essay must be fully factual, to the point, interactive, engaging, and contain information in a structured way. Scholarship essays are just different in attitude. They are meant to be more impactful and influencing so that readers get influenced so much that recommend it for the student’s scholarship. Academic writing is not exactly school essay writing, but students essays are close to academic writing in some ways. The better you understand the more structured will be your student essay.

Academic essays are long and structured, contains points based on supporting facts, and contains reference books and links. Essays on the other hand may or may not contain references, and need not contain points with supporting proof. Essays need to be elaborative. And if you have elaborative writing style where you can write on a point with research while providing facts and information with good presentation, then you can write an essay too.

How to write a scholarship essay

Writing an essay so good that you may win a scholarship from it needs some determination and lots of hard work and research on your part. Here are some steps to write a scholarship essay better:

  • Read the essay topic, and then rewrite the topic in your own style, and realize the key points and stress pints you may talk about in the essay.
  • You must try to decipher the main theme of the essay, and based on that understanding the essay structure must be outlined by you. Also with a better understanding you will get more examples to mention on that topic.
  • I there is an important word in the essay which must be mentioned and discussed in the topic again and again, then you should try to use that word again and again.
  • The starting creates the foundation for a good impressive essay. You may try to impress your readers using a nice quote on the subject, and later on the essay may discuss the quote and establish a connection of the topic with it. This way, you will show your sound understanding on the essay topic, which shows you to be a scholar of much merit who deserves to get a scholarship for in depth further studies.
  • The scholarship giving committee has something in mind that they gave this topic. If you realize the underlying criteria why they chose this topic, then you will be able to hit that criteria, discuss that part of the subject and create the right impression.

How to write a scholarship essay outline

To write an outline for the essay, you will have to read the topic, and research accordingly to create your knowledgebase. Based on that you will have to make the points each points that you want to elaborate will be a sub topic and hence a part of the outline. And in this way from every point of the outline will give you a flow, and tell you how to begin, continue and proceed towards conclusion while expanding every point.

Scholarship essay format

You can get guided with scholarship essay format samples to get the right format. The right format is available for download online, where you may take suggestions, and realize how you can start your own.  You can download a format free from helpful resources for students. Typically scholarship essay formats are meant to help you think like a winner and design an essay outline and expand it such that you can get the reader’s mind the right way and ensure win.

To win a scholarship through an essay, you must set targets accordingly. The first important thing to do is to apply for the scholarship. You must not leave any stone unturned when it comes to scholarships. Whatever opportunity you get, you must try to grab by applying for it. Whether it’s a big amount or small amount, grabbing it is great. Apply everywhere, and wait for your turn to perform on the essay or project whatever they want.

Scholarship essay writing tips

To know how to win a scholarship you must follow the following objectives:

  • The reader must be mesmerized to read the essay
  • The essay must hit and discuss the organization’s or committee’s goal who have declared the scholarship.
  • You must talk about the award objectives, like why it’s given, what the noble causes are etc.

Hence an essay prepared for one cause cannot be submitted to another scholarship competition. Because the objectives and goals discussed will vary. Hence the same essay on the topic can be tweaked and changed at some points to make it apt for that scholarship competition.

The simple easy tips for an award winning or scholarship winning essay would therefore be to:

  • Read the essay topic and understand it well
  • Realize the important words and points which nees a mention
  • Make a structure or outline for the essay by accommodating the keywords ad points you listed before.
  • Give your power on the intro and make it a sure shot impressing part of the essay.
  • Proofread it well and in the process make corrections, fill the missing and void, and finalize.
  • Before submission get feedback by making someone read the essay to tell you how it’s done.

Finally- Setting the mind

The mindset matters highly in any constructive and creative work. You will have to set the mind to write well. Writing an essay, specially one that may fetch you a scholarship in any kind of haste or confused mind, where you are dealing with mental parallel processing, is a total waste of time and effort and energy. Hence, you must take out time to set your mind and then carefully think about the topic and start writing.

The ultimate guide to writing excellent Term Paper

A term paper is an academic paper which scholars or students prepare to submit at the end of the academic session or term. A term paper is based on a topic or subject. And the paper reflects the research work, or elaboration, or establishment of points or theory, or some debate on the subject by the student. A term paper essentially does not have to be about research work. It can be explanation on a topic, or just extensive study on a subject elaborated into numerous pages. Normally term papers are lengthy. Long detailed discussion on a subject which occupies several pages, and may contains pictorial illustrations too are common in term papers. Academic writing is a more serious version.

It’s clear elaboration of a subject with concise to the point format, formal tone, uncomplicated line of thought and flow, structured writing, and establishment of facts, points, theories, or elaborations based on evidence. In academic writing, you can establish a point on the basis of theories, evidences etc., but you cannot comment with your personal bias where you have no facts to prove what you are saying. You can only draw a theory, hypothesis or conclusion when you have valid supporting points.

How to write a term paper

Writing a term paper needs some basic skills, understanding of the approach on term papers, and the seriousness to study dedicatedly on the subject to bring forward noticeable points and establishments or things on the paper. Making an impression with a term paper is important to fetch good grades. Otherwise many average term papers are written by students to make through the term somehow. But, if you want to make a difference, you will have to be very particular that you spend a few hours into extensive reading and research, and then you write things in the much needed unbiased formal tone while supporting every point you write with valid facts and references. References are the life of term papers and academic essays, and these must be mentioned in detail following the formal format for universal understanding.

How to write a term paper step by step

There are some easy steps, almost like an algorithm which is to be followed to write any term paper on earth. The same method must be followed everywhere, so that you can write a nice term paper on any topic. Very precisely the general steps are as follows:

  • First you have to finalize a topic. This is a crucial step. Based on this the entire flow and hard work is determined.
  • Research is the next step the topic must be extensively researched so much so that you get the materials to write the full length contents of a term paper of the term paper with facts and not just word filling.
  • You must sketch an outline for your term paper. This means you will have to prepare a structure for the term paper, so that you can then add points and paragraphs to that structure and give it a shape.
  • Write the proposal for the term paper. This mentally prepares you too for the points you will be discussing through the paper.
  • You will now write the term paper.
  • Designing the cover page is the next step
  • Finally you will have to proofread the paper and edit accordingly.

When you have to write the paper in a hurry

You may want to write a term paper in one night too. This happens often that you study for your other assessments and projects, and are left with no time for the term paper. And suddenly when you realize you have to complete it, you are probably left with just one night to work on it. The quick tips on writing a term paper in one night are:

  • First you need to relax your mind. This helps in mind focus and helps concentrate for writing in flow.
  • You will have to start writing this paper. This requires attention and lots of focus.
  • Work on the introduction of the term paper. The introduction needs to be very catchy and very interesting so that the paper creates an impression on the mind right from the beginning.
  • Find the most supporting facts and based on that establish the best points on the thesis. This needs a lot of brainstorming and every argument must be well supported by good evidences.
  • You should try to provide more points in the thesis than needed. That’s because some points may not be taken by the professor and may get rejected. Then in that case the extra points must be there to help you get over the lack of the rejected points.
  • Find out how your thesis can get criticized and on which points, and how you can defend the criticism.
  • Just summarize your thesis paper.
  • Finally do a proofreading, and set the paper.

The following points will help you sketch the outline of a term paper:

  • The thesis statement can be written at the beginning.
  • Next you must write all those labels which comes before the major points. Use the Roman numerals for numbering them
  • You should then make a list of all the arguments for the points.
  • You may divide the ideas into sub-points for further clarification

Term paper templates and samples

Now that you know how to write term paper outline, and the step by step method, you can start looking for term paper templates online. Students often download such templates and discuss them for guidance. You can also download templates to get an overview of how term papers are written. You can get more ideas on term paper types, writing styles etc. from templates.

You may also try and download term paper samples free. You cannot use the samples to submit yours. You can use them for ideas, and writing style and format. Samples give you exact idea of format, writing style, paragraph length, bulleted point writing, reference writing etc. The samples can help you get more ideas, and generate your unique writing style too. You will have to study them by downloading a few from some resources.